3 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Running a small business is quite challenging, and often means not having enough money to do everything you need and want to do. It is for this reason that most small business owners and entrepreneurs are personally responsible for three or more areas of their businesses, including marketing.


Apparently, there are endless opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with their customers, grow brand awareness, and drive sales –  but it can be overwhelming. From sending emails, managing social media campaigns, pricing, to branding, and overall strategy, it can be a challenge for many small business owners to excel at marketing while also focusing on growing their business.


In this article, we’ve outlined specific and actionable marketing strategies that small business owners and entrepreneurs can use to grow their businesses in meaningful ways.


i) Make a Commitment

This may sound obvious, but it is not. There is a popular point of view among a segment of small business owners and entrepreneurs — that marketers don’t matter or marketing doesn’t matter anymore.😳😳😳.


Most SMEs, despite looking to improve their marketing efforts, rarely make a commitment to good marketing; and without the commitment, nothing much can be achieved marketing-wise.


As a small business owner or entrepreneur, here’s what you should do:


a) Set time aside

Small business owners and entrepreneurs should set several hours aside each week to plan out their social media or email schedule for the week. This allows them to run their business while also making sure they have a steady stream of quality content for their audience.

b) Set clear goals

Write down specific marketing goals that you would like to achieve over the coming month(s) and year – then, set a calendar reminder to check in on your progress.

c) Be Patient

Try not to fall into the trap of thinking good marketing happens overnight. Small businesses that play the long game by creating consistently great content are the ones that eventually reap the rewards: website traffic, engagement, leads, and sales.


ii) Focus on a few core Channels

If you try to do everything with your marketing strategy, you will end up very thin. Focus is key when developing new marketing ideas, and exploring opportunities.


For instance, when choosing which marketing channels to focus on, you can follow this simple matrix as your guide:



Priority 1 are your high-impact marketing channels that fuel your business.  It can be Social Media, Email, Paid Search Ads, Blogging among others. The key is to experiment often until you find one, two, or three channels that show really good traction and double down on those channels until they become ineffective or slow down – then, experiment again to find new channels, double down, rinse, and repeat.


iii) Share your Story

Creating great marketing content for your business goes beyond showing the value of your product or services to your prospects – it’s also an incredible way to help people get to know you and your business, and this can provide the competitive advantage you need to stand out.


If you look at top brands like Safaricom, they thrive by creating and cultivating a personality. They have an opinion, they stand for something, they’re relatable.


Marketing is essential for any business looking to grow. By making a commitment to good marketing, focusing on core channels and sharing an authentic story of your business – you will definitely be on the right path.


To get the most out of your marketing strategies, or for help getting started, consider consulting or coaching.


Discover Best Digital Marketing Strategies


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