3 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads

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Most of the time, businesses tend to focus more on increasing traffic to their websites – which is a good thing, but they fail to figure out how to convert that traffic into customers.



The ultimate aim of a website is to help you get more customers, and every visitor should have the opportunity to convert to a lead or make a purchase.


Increasing the traffic to your website is hard work; and you should not let any traffic go to waste. Let’s look at the three main reasons why your website may not be generating leads.


i) You are acquiring the wrong type of traffic

This is probably the biggest reason why most websites don’t generate leads.


For instance; let’s say you run a company offering digital marketing services for SMEs. In order to create more awareness for your company, you decide to run a blog – to help SMEs understand how digital marketing works, the tools needed and why they need it.


After a few months, you notice that your website traffic is growing significantly, yet no one is requesting for your services. So you decide to go under the hood to find out what’s happening, only to discover that all of your traffic is coming from college students who are using your website as a learning resource.


In as much as your website and blog is providing value to these college students, it is very unlikely that they will need your services in the near future.


For your website to generate leads, your traffic must be the right type. Your visitors should belong to your target audience, and should have needs that are within your scope to address.


How to fix it

Basically, you have two options:


a) Acquire different traffic

You will need to switch your focus, and structure your content in a way that lines up with your conversion funnel – in order to attract more qualified traffic.


To increase the quality of your traffic, you can also consider Pay-Per-Click  (PPC) platforms like Google Ads or Faceboook Ads – they are pretty effective in generating high quality traffic quickly.


b) Adjust your products/services to match your traffic

In as much as it is not a viable option for every business, it may be neccessary; especially if your traffic is already big. Generating demand is always much more challenging than supply. So, if you already have a large audience, it could be easier to figure out how to sell to them.


For instance, the digital marketing agency above could start offering digital marketing courses – targetted at their already active audience of students.



ii) You don’t have a Conversion Funnel

What if you are attracting the righ traffic, yet your website is still not generating leads?


Most likely, your website may be lacking a clear conversion funnel; and you may need to look into your website’s user flow and usability to see how they guide users through your buying process.



Your pages should be designed in a way that matches what you want your visitors to do – failure to which, your visitors will always hit a dead end and leave your website without any conversion.




Every page on your website should have an objective. For example, by reading this article, we want you to sign up for our weekly newsletter.


It’s also important to consider the source of your traffic. People who visit your website from a Google Ad will definitely require a different website flow from those visiting your website courtesy of a Facebook post.


Every page should be designed to address every stage of your buyers’ journey, and you should aim at providing all of the necessary information a user needs to move to the next step.


iii) Your Offer is not good enough

In some cases, you can have the right people visiting your website at the right time, but still – no leads coming through. Most probably, your offer may not be good enough.


Your website visitors are most likely looking to solve a particular problem. In order to grab their attention and inspire them to leave their contact information, your offer needs to be compelling.


Many a time, people innately act with their own interests in mind – and before taking any action, always ask themselves “What’s in it for me?“.


This is a very powerful behavioral drive that you can harness to convince them of the value your products or services offer. You can craft compelling calls to action that yield significant results.



Converting your website visitors into customers should be your primary long term objective.


If your website is not generating leads for your business, these are the three things you should first look at – and with a bit of testing and analysis, you can get to the root of what’s stopping your website from generating leads.


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