Can You Marry a Stranger?

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I recently came across a social experiment video, on Youtube, that got me thinking; can you actually propose to a stranger and get them to agree to marry you instantly?


In the video, a young man is seen walking around, with a rose flower and engagement ring. At the sight of any lady, he quickly goes on his knees and asks the lady to marry him. As you would expect, no lady agreed to his request – at least on camera.


can you marry a stranger?


That’s exactly what happens in business. When looking for new customers, most businesses fall into the temptation of immediately asking for strangers’ ‘hands in marriage‘. This social experience highlights three vital lessons that you should copy and apply to your digital marketing strategy.


i) Define your Target Market

This young man went prosposing to every lady he came across, and in the end, got no positive response.


If your business is going to approach it’s marketing like this guy did, you should be ready for a very long day at work. From the onset, your digital marketing strategy should be built around a well defined target audience – an audience that fits the characterisitics of your ideal customer.


Have you ever come across some online ads, promoting products or services that you will never need in the next 100 years? That’s the danger of not defining your target market – you end up wasting a lot of resources on people who add little value to your sales goals.


ii) Introduce yourself

He walked into different ladies, as a complete stranger, and the first question he asked was: Can we get married?  That is a recipe for rejection. In these ladies heads, I imagine, there must have been many questions at that moment when this gentleman proposed –  questions like; who is this guy? where is he from? is he really serious?



In marketing sense, brand awareness does a very good job of introducing your business to your target market; making them acquainted with your products or services. This is very important, because people tend to engage more with businesses that they know.


iii) Build Trust

For most people, marriage is a long-term relationship, and is strongly built on mutual trust – among other things. Trust is established through listening to your partner and sharing experiences. So, without putting in the time to get to know any of these ladies and showing that he cared, there is no way any of them would have easily agreed to his proposal.


When marketing your business, building trust requires that you show up at the right time; when your prospects need you most. If you have a good understanding of your target market, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy business.



By applying these three simple lessons to your marketing, you will definitely help you build a stronger relationship with your target market, and many of them will eventually say ‘Yes’ to your ‘Proposal’.


But until then, your chances of marrying a stranger are very slim.



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