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Higani Creative
4 Ways to Increase Website Traffic without SEO [AUDIO]

        Only 5% of websites get traffic from Google, every month. What does that mean for the remaining 95%?   In this

how to advertise on facebook
Higani Creative
This is How You Should Advertise on Facebook

          Facebook has close to 8 million users in Kenya, and they have made it possible for businesses to reach all

Higani Creative
3 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

            Running a small business is quite challenging, and often means not having enough money to do everything you need

Digital Marketing Plan 2019
Higani Creative
How to Plan for Your 2019 Digital Marketing

            2019 is here - and many of this year's most successful digital marketing campaigns will be born in the

Word of Mouth Marketing is not enough
Higani Creative
‘Word of Mouth’ Marketing is not enough

          In the course of business, I have engaged many SMEs and whenever I ask how they market their businesses, “word

Higani Creative
Can Your Facebook Page Replace Your Website?

          If you go through the local online business directories, you will notice that many businesses don't have an active website

Higani Creative
How to easily get your business online using Google tools

          With more people online today, an online presence is increasingly important for every small and medium sized businesses.   These

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channel for Your Business
Higani Creative
How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channel for Your Business [Infographic]

          With more people spending more time online, it's expected that you will want to market your business online; and when