Increased Leads at Lower Cost Per Lead

Kungo is an online platform for comparing prices from moving companies and storage units in Kenya. At the core of their business is lead generation for moving companies and storage units. So, they needed to generate more leads at the lowest costs possible.Their goal was to generate more leads through improved engagement and conversion rates.





Conversion Rate

Using a comprehensive, holistic approach that included Google and Facebook Ads, unique creative assets, a couple of tests, and ongoing optimization, the team exceeded their goals.

By expanding the channels and tactics, the campaign grew in market size, and creative assets. We were able to refine the targeting after gaining insight from a variety of data sources, including actual buyer behavior, message priority and efficacy, and granular customer information.  

Specific Tactics employed included:

    • High Intent Keyword Targetting
    • Lookalike Modeling
    • RLSA and Display Retargeting
    • Ongoing SEM & Display Creative (ad copy/banner ad creative/landing page) Testing

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